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VietjetAir Senior Accountant Office - Huynh:

In a short time, I become more confident with programming and Google skills when stuck in hard problems

Truong Huu Huynh - VietjetAir Senior Accountant Office

AI, Machine Learning or Big Data are common words these years. But I only knew it from about 8 months ago and very excited when I realized that applications of these major in everyday life. It develops extremely quickly and I think it would be a rich resource in the future. Besides, human resource demand in these fields is growing fast and many organizations have been found recently in AI and computer science education field to help to inspire and training interested ones to want to engage and study about it.

It was such a coincidence when I got into the advertises of HasBrain and immediately signed up for this meetup. After six meetups, I am very impressed with what they did for helping me and the community. They help me connecting with everyone who has the same interest in AI, Python and Data Analysis. Just only six meetups but many things I have learned so far and made you more confident with programming ability and Google skills when stuck in hard problems – mean that what I have to do when I got stuck. Talking about the contents of the meetup: Every meetup is opened by Duong with overviewing what have learned last time and would be learned in that meetup. After that, tutors (Mr.Hieu and Mr.Phuc) would review all techniques that had learned in the previous meetups and introduced what would be learned in detail. Almost time is practiced by datasets is prepared by HasBrain. After each meetup, I could review again what I have learned and improved more knowledge on the path being professional. Besides, I met and made many new friends, we got to know each other and maybe after these meetups, I and my new friends could meet up somewhere else and talk about this exciting career.

I hope that HasBrain is going to opening more and more meetups like these to helping social. And we could meet again and HasBrain community to learn and help others.

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