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Samsung Financial Accounting Senior Staff - Dung:

In the short-time, I enhanced my knowledge and mindset in Python and Business Intelligence

I am a newbie in this field. It’s very hard to discover and search things by myself. While I got lost, HasBrain appeared and gave me a chance to approach Python and Data Analytics. I found out the way to self-taught myself.

With the explosion of big data in every filed, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are really important. Python is a programming language that everyone in the domain needs to know. Actually, you‘ll meet some difficulties but let’s keep calm. When you find out the right way, you‘ll go far. Example: A mentor or a community, maybe a good method to start learning Python.

Fortunately, when I met a difficulty, I found out HasBrain community. I have teammates here. We discuss problems, research, find out the way to solve it. We worked together very effectively. That was a great time that I had. I have around one month to practice with Python. The HasBrain guides gave me tools to practice effectively and even homework exercises to practice at home. They recommended useful websites that I can research new knowledge and solve problems as well. I think everyone in community has a same thought like me. In the short-time, I enhanced my knowledge about Python and BI mindset.

If you have plans to explore this field, join the community. It‘s the best way to discover Python and your ability to have further plan to pursue the career as a Data Analyst, Business Analyst. Everything will be easier if you choose the right way to learn. Now i know how to learn, research and work with Python. And I feel no wasting time when i join the community.

Don’t be shy, just join to discover more!!!

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