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Saigon AI Data Analyst - Fenny:

I love the moment of presentation for the Kiva Loans final project from each team

Nguyen Thanh Truc (Fenny) - Saigon AI Data Analyst

There are a couple of outstanding points after participating in Python Meeting organized by HasBrain that I would like to share.

Firstly, the content of the syllabus or guideline prepared carefully before each meetup, so that it would be easier for me to know what I will learn and catch up the process on that day. Most of materials include homework, exercises, challenges are from Kaggle Community which is a good place has thousands of public datasets and sample code. It is extremely helpful to improve coding skills by myself at home.

Secondly, a combination for the technical explanation between Phat and Hieu was very useful, for instance, they show how to search efficiently during the meetup. Plus, their verbal explanation was super helpful for me because the meaning of technical error behind which is not easy to search or read on articles or documents, especially just reading code one side from Kaggle Notebook.

Thirdly, we eventually utilizing two powerful tools using during the meeting. One of them is Slack which is for the main virtual communication include announcement, homework, … And the other one is Flownote Notebook which has been built by HasBrain team, for the purpose of containing all materials, requirement, homeworks and especially final project submission. Finally, I love the moment of presentation for the Kiva Loans final project from each team. In order to get the code, we as a team of 5 different people have to meet outside of class to discuss the solution as well as learn from each other through the way they contribute ideas to problem. That was exciting to me because being Data Analytics not only comprehensive the problem but also teamwork skills. Luckily, my teammates were amazing. To conclude, if I were asked to recommend a Data Science community to beginners, Python Meeting organized by HasBrain should be the first consideration - that is all what I’d like to say.

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