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RMIT Former Graduate Research Assistant - Hoa:

At the age of 30, I change my career path from a lecturer to a data scientist

Tran Phu Hoa - RMIT Former Graduate Research Assistant.

I am 30-year-old, and I change my career path from being a lecturer to become a data scientist. The turn is hard for me, and it drains myself both in my physical and mental health. I want to ease my worry, and I start to seek for communities to talk about my problem. On a beautiful day, I found HasBrain.
The meetup has six days in total, and I attend five of them. I want to talk about the first day and the last day.
Day 1 is an exciting day for me because everything seems new to me. I go to a new location, enter a new building, go through a new security gate, take a new elevator, and get in a cozy room. I meet new people who have similar motivations. I meet team members in HasBrain who make me feel warm because of their dedicated attitude toward creating a sustainable education network.
I can imagine how much time Daph had spent to answer questions from about 22 naive learners through Slack, and coordinate topics for each day. Hieu had spent his time creating great quizzes for us to test our current knowledge, and it helps me to identify what I should practice in the future. Phat had spent the time making a great presentation, although sometimes he lost to keep track of the time. I like those feedback form created by Vy because it tells me that the team take care of the health of each topic and respect the future. I am sorry if I miss spelling the name of your team Product manager - Bom, I think I would not be able to work with flownote and dataset without the technical help from her. I think I do not fully mention all of the people in your team and the work that you have done, but I want to say Thank you.
Day 6 brings to me new experiences about how my team works together. We do not consider spending time and solve the Final Project together, and we do not keen to organize the time for us. For most of us, it will be a disaster, however, the last feeling is strange. In 20 mins, we share everything that we are working on the project by ourselves at home. We figure out how to combine every distinct aspect of each team member to our presentation, and the reason for that is to show a great appreciation for every contributor. I think my team works like a group of introverts, who learn on our own and share what we do in a warm place like HasBrain. I want to thank my team members for their work and for being here in HasBrain.
By the way, thank Phat for bringing yummy cakes, and they save us from burning out our energy through our long working day.
I have a question for me again: "What am I going to do after this class?". I think I had gained courage through HasBrain to face challenges, to share a point of view, to inspire others on my new path of becoming a Data Analyst and Data Science.

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