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Nestle Vietnam Supervisor - Thanh:

5 reasons I recommend HasBrain Python meetup

Nguyen Cong Thanh - Nestle Vietnam Supervisor.

I'm Cong Thanh, attended 6 days of Meetup Python in the last 3 weeks. Meetup is an interesting experience for me because I am a beginner with programming languages in general and Python, Data Analysis in particular. But only after a short time:

  1. I have understood and practiced basic and advanced syntaxes of Python, from which I was able to solve Hasbrain exercises and quizzes. From there, I learned more about Python by learning through solving problems.
  2. That basic Python knowledge is practiced and then applied directly into the data analysis. Meetup gave me an overview of how to use Python in data analysis, how to use Matplotlib databases, pandas,... From those tools - databases, I was able to draw different types of graphs, charts, charts to illustrate my dataset.
  3. HasBrain organizes these Meetup sessions very professionally and thoughtfully: Prepares everything very well, prepares a variety of study materials and mentors to support learners enthusiastically, controlling the time of the lessons exactly. Meetup's support facilities are very good and I would definitely recommend to my friends about HasBrain
  4. During the presentation, I learned a lot about how to handle datasets from other team's presentations, from simple to advanced. All very interesting and lots of useful information for me to learn
  5. Especially, thanks to Hasbrain's Python Meetup, I have received a lot of really useful information and learning materials. From these documents, I can learn more about Python as well as Data analysis to gradually apply Python into my work and career path.

Lastly, thanks HasBrain very much, for the knowledge you have given us!

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