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LINE Business Development - Giang:

Thank you for your dedication and for organizing the meetups

Nguyen Thu Giang - LINE Business Development.

Dear HasBrain friends,

Firstly, thank you all for organizing this and your amazing dedication during the past 6 meetups.

I knew about the HasBrain’s meetup through Data Science in Brief page by exactly the deadline of registration. I didn’t hesitate a moment to register because I have always wanted serious learning of Python and SQL. Although I’m currently working in Sales, I want to develop my analytical skills for future pursuit of a Business Analytics career. Therefore, I chose HasBrain meetup to force me into rigorous 3-week learning to familiarize myself with Python and applied Python to analyzing data.

As to my expectation, this meetup is more than mutual sharing of knowledge in a team. I very much appreciate the great effort of HasBrain to have prepared detailed materials, quizzes and their dedicatedly guided as many as 20 people. The first few meetups were overwhelming a bit for me because of the numbers of rules, syntaxes and formulas to remember and apply to different types of problems. However, thanks to Phat and Hieu who answered in detail my questions about Python errors and the difference between syntaxes, I have understood the causes of errors and most importantly, to google the solutions to my questions.

To my surprise, most people who join this meetup don’t have coding experience specifically, which has helped us to learn closely from each other. The final project was challenging enough to engage all of our members’ efforts and skills. The discussion fussed up ideas and approaches. While exploring the given problem (Kiva funding challenge), we’ve found out patterns and interesting insights from the data. Especially, as I spent hours to explore data and ran codes hundreds of times (literally 221 times), I was truly engrossed in the progress of problem-solving, from exploration, trial and error, to finally analyze data into beautiful yet insightful graphs. Data visualization is indeed interesting!
As a newbie into the Data field, I’m very blessed to have found the HasBrain community. Although with none experience in coding, I don’t find myself alone or embarrassed. Instead, I embrace the opportunities to learn and meet new people. I believe it has not only provided my hard skills in Python but also trained my lazy brain to think more critically about data – which I can apply further in my work. I’d highly recommend this meetup to newcomers like me if they want a short-period overview of Python and data analysis.

Good luck to HasBrain community and hope our paths cross again.

Best regards,
Giang Nguyen

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