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Lazada Performance Supervisor - Binh:

From Zero background, I can now apply Python to my work

Tran Trong Binh - Lazada Performance Supervisor.

First of all, I want to say thank you to the Hasbrain team. You spent your precious time to train for us. Before the meetup, I don't have any experience with python. I've just heard that it's a very popular programming language people use to analyze data, build a website or other applications in life. I didn't know whether it is difficult or not? but until now I can use it with a basic skill and the most important is I know how I can apply Python to my current job. I think I will spend more time learning Python in the coming years. I will use it for data analysis and deep learning in our company data that may give me a solution in forecasting. Many many Ideal in my mind!

Second, your team is so young. you always look having full power. I like your team so much! Keep in touch, I will ask you more not only about python but also other program or technical update. A small comment: Presentation skill needs more smoothly or needs to repair the projector that is usually turn off automatically.

In the last one, I will meet Daph on the next course. I registered for the next course - Data analysis on E-Commerce. Thanks, Phat & Hieu, you are always giving the right answer in the right direction. You are so young, spread knowledge to more people you will receive more income.

Thank you all again! I have to back to work. So busy with our company's biggest sale of year 11.11.

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