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Jysk System Specialist - Minh:

It does not matter who you become, finding ultimate joy in what you are learning, and the rest will follow

Jysk System Specialist - Minh

My background is non-technical and I have zero experience about coding. However, i have to deal with lot of things related to technical stuffs in work. Normally, people called it "How to make it works" with spreadsheets and system.

In this article, I want to talk about the journey of trying to become a programmer by studying on my own. A lot of the times I read stories of people that successfully changed careers by devoting a certain amount of time every day to learn to code. I met a lot of people knowing how to code and use it into works to make life easier and better everyday. At the beginning, I try to learn how to do it with excel by copying some code to run a function and reading a book. It start from that point to middle of nowhere. I quit after several times. I knew that I do not have ability to learn things from zero.

About three months later, I decided to do it again. I register a course with instructor to have a fundamental knowledge about code before trying to do it. With very naive thinking, I chose C++ to start as it was a structure and fast in terms of program speed. I learnt a lot of valuable things about variables, matrix, pointer, etc. However, it's very hard to build an application with this language due to its rule and complexity. End of the course, I can do some mini program with basic function. It was fun but a chance to apply it into my work very rare. Few months later, I forgot almost everything. It's hard to remember how to code when you are not doing it everyday

One day, I knew that python is using as framework for my company system. In order to know how system works, I thought that I should know how python works. It was easier to catch up with language as it used English words to describe, the syntax and rules also easier than C++. However, in order to make a simple program it still need a basic knowledge about programing and algorithms. I continue to put back my coding dream with many reason: busy, too old to learn code, etc till the day I saw a meetup info from Hasbrain. The location was near to my office and the time was workable. I gave it a try and it was very good experience to me. I am not only listen from instructors but also learn from my teammates. The speed is not for people with no experience. Sometimes, it was too much but I felt that I can keep up with it as program was well structured and a lot of references provided by Hasbrain team. Our group did a very simple presentation but it was very welcome by others group and I was pleased about it. We have the same motivation to explore data and master the tool, by presenting and getting feedback we all learnt from each other.

My goal for this article was to give some interesting abstract advice, but I don't really have any. If anything from what I wrote somehow useful for you or inspires you, then I am happy. I might never become a programmer and coding might just stay my hobby forever, or I might find a data analyst job in a big company and live my life by digging lovely story from data. It does not matter, finding ultimate joy in what you are learning, and the rest will follow.

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