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Graduate Student - Nguyet:

I understand the requirements needed to become a data analyst

Nguyet Vo - Graduate Student.

The experience of studying Data Analytics at HasBrain is to work on problems with your team regularly. At the course, everyone will have the opportunity to meet new friends with different positions, backgrounds, jobs, and ages. From there, you will learn a lot from them. Moreover, it helps you to increase relationships and get good friends.


Secondly, I like the enthusiasm of mentors. They had a strong will and dedication to guide and help us with the projects. Besides the classes, we usually had meals and coffee chat outside among mentors and learners. That shortens the distance between everyone.


What I gained in this course is the skills of using Python language and the experience of analyzing valuable data from instructors. I learned steps to analyze data, how to define business problems, how to tell data stories, and how to produce optimal results to solve problems. In addition, I understand more the requirements needed to become a data analyst and the basic tools using as a part of their workflow. If anyone wishes to pursue your career in this industry, I would recommend taking this course.

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