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Axon Automation Specialist - Thang:

After the final project, I'm getting more familiar with data analysis

Axon Automation Specialist - Thang

First of all, I would like to thank Has Brain to organize the meet up for beginners teaching Python and Data Analytisis. I’m work as software tester and love to study new thing. Let me briefly reflect on how/why python/sql meetup for beginner is excellent, especially if your background is similar to mine.

1. The course content in python , data visualization, and how to use tools (eg. flownote, kaggle)… are really useful for us in the future. We were equipped with a base knowledge, so we can get deeper in data analysis by self-taught or join some advanced class.

2. I’m verify impressed by the class. My classmates are from many backgrounds that have nothing to do with technology, electricity, etc … They had had an easy time to catch up with the lessons thanks to the help of supporters from HasBrain. The course content is best selection by HasBrain. HasBrain collects the learners' feedback in every session, so I see that they improve over time so the lessons are effective.

3. Exercises in class is various kind of activities: code practice, mentor always stay around for support if we have any question.

4. Final project is for Kiva organization which is a real data and problem. After doing this, i'm getting more familiar with data analysis: the way it works, how we read the data, visualize it , select data, research information in different domain knowledge... It is really fun and useful at a time.

5. Teamwork is quite challenging with us, and i see that we come in difference backgrounds and in the short time we communicate to work in the same project. HasBrain was supportive to help us complete the final project. Finally, my team is successful in the final project with the output is out of my expectation. Every member join project actively, many ideas come out, i love the team.



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